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Bend Auto Accident Care

Bend auto accident careIf you’ve been injured in an auto accident, we want you to know that our practice is here for you. For more than 40 years, Bend chiropractor Dr. McCleery has helped patients recover from car crash injuries naturally and safely with effective chiropractic care.

Injured? Here’s What You Need To Know

In the state of Oregon, it’s easy to get the help your body needs following an auto accident.

Here are the three things you need to know:

  1. Auto accident insurance covers individuals who have been injured in a motor vehicle accident without the need for a referral from a primary care physician—that means you can elect to receive care from any doctor you wish.
  2. You have up to two years following the accident to seek care for your injury. That means if you’re still dealing with the repercussions of whiplash from an accident less than two years ago, you can schedule an appointment to be seen by our practice as early as tomorrow.
  3. Auto accident policies typically cover 100% of medically necessary treatments up to the limits of your insurance. We’re happy to let you know that includes chiropractic care!

Heal Naturally With Chiropractic Care

When you’ve been injured in an auto accident, your body goes into spasms that can cause disturbances to spread throughout your nervous system. The longer you wait to remove interference, the worse your pain or injury can get. Dr. McCleery can help your body release the spasms and recover without the need for drugs or surgery.

If you have a medical team you’d like us to work with, we’re happy to take a multi-disciplinary approach to your care—our number one goal is getting you better as quickly and safely as possible.

Schedule Your Appointment

Remember, the sooner you seek treatment with us, the sooner we’re able to get you better and back to your life. Contact our practice today to learn how we can help you—schedule your 15-minute complimentary consultation today!

Get in touch with us today for Bend auto accident care! (541) 389-7103