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Back Pain Relief in Bend

lady on the couch with low back painFrom hauling too-heavy objects to sleeping awkwardly to hunching over workstations, unsurprisingly, back pain is one of the most common conditions chiropractors see.
If you’re tired of living with persistent back discomfort, Dr. McCleery is here to help you find relief and regain your quality of life.

At McCleery Chiropractic Health Centre PC, our approach to back pain goes beyond simply realigning the spine. Because musculoskeletal pain often involves complex factors, our chiropractor’s treatment plans address the root cause, not just the symptoms.


How We Help

Dr. McCleery has many tools at his disposal to alleviate back pain. These include the following chiropractic techniques and other complementary approaches:

ArthroStim® (Instrument Adjusting)

ArthroStim is a cutting-edge instrument adjusting technique that employs a handheld device to deliver precise and controlled adjustments to the spine. This gentle method is ideal for patients who prefer a non-invasive approach to chiropractic care. ArthroStim helps restore proper joint function, reduce inflammation, and relieve discomfort.

Logan Basic

Logan Basic is a chiropractic technique focusing on the sacrum, the triangular bone at the base of the spine. By applying light and specific pressure to the sacrum, our chiropractor aims to restore balance to the spine and alleviate tension in the surrounding muscles. Logan Basic is known for its effectiveness in promoting overall spinal health.

Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT)

Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT) is a holistic chiropractic approach recognizing the spine, pelvis, and cranium interconnectedness. By addressing the relationship between these areas, SOT aims to optimize the function of the entire nervous system. This technique involves gentle adjustments and the use of blocking devices to support the body’s natural healing process.

In addition, Dr. McCleery provides muscle therapy, stretches, and personalized rehabilitation exercises. Recognizing the body’s interconnectedness, he also incorporates reflexology points and cranial work to optimize nerve function further and promote healing.

With this holistic approach, Dr. McCleery aims to alleviate pain and improve your overall posture, flexibility, and long-term spinal health.

Banish Back Pain and Feel Great

Don’t let back pain control your life. Schedule a convenient consultation with Dr. McCleery and take the first step toward getting the relief you need!



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