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McCleery Chiropractic Quarterly Newsletter

mccleery appleWelcome to our new, quarterly newsletter that keeps you all up to date on what’s NEW at McCleery Chiropractic Health Centre PC…


You can see lots of dirt all around the clinic these days as we are trying to get the landscaped finished. We are hoping that it should be completed by July 31st.


We also have posted new signs, one in the entry to the kitchen and one on the Dr’s office door. It reads “Restricted Area Authorized Personnel Only”, we know it sounds kind of harsh, but we are required by HIPPA (HEALTH INSURANCE PORTABILITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY ACT) to post these signs and to enforce non-entry into those areas. We have a lot of patient information and we are required by law to protect YOU.


As far as parking at the clinic, please remember that your first choice is to park at the doctor’s house in the driveway, it is usually vacant and you can always park in the driveway, including parking behind the white Navigator (Sherie’s Car). The reason we ask you to do this is because it gets really congested on a busy day when everyone parks in front of the clinic.

Remember if you are parking in front of the clinic, please park parallel so other people can park behind you. Thank you for abiding by the parking rules.



Exercising is the most important piece to maintain stability. Do your isometric stretching, lower back and neck exercises everyday and twice a day if you’re having a bad day. Walk aerobically everyday at least 30 minutes and always ice areas of pain as soon as possible after it starts.

Generally you will want to ice lower back for 10 minutes on 20 minutes off , mid back for 7 minutes on 14 minutes off, neck 5 minutes on and 10 minutes off, do these 3 times in a row as often as needed. If you have diabetes or circulatory problems please talk to Dr. Dan first. If icing is not helping GIVE US A CALL.


Don’t forget to tell your family and friends of your successes of chiropractic care with Dr. Dan. We are always looking for patients that are interested in regaining their health through chiropractic, nutrition, exercise and a positive outlook


Dr. McCleery will be on vacation from July 27th thru August 7th. Sherie will be in the office on July 27th and 28th from 9am to 3 pm for your Nutritional supplement needs.

Sherie will be on vacation August 1st thru August 7th. We will also be closed on August 22, 2017 because of the eclipse and purported traffic grid lock.

~ Dr. Dan and Sherie

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