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McCleery Chiropractic Quarterly Newsletter - January 2019

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I had a relaxing 10 days off with family and friends. During those 10 days I made time to do some reading to help me and all of my patients to improve their health so we can be young for along time. I call it “Youngevity” It is an exercise program that most people can do at any age and is designed for the beginner to the advanced. It is called “High Intensity Interval Training.” Here is an article from AARP that summarizes it well. Please read it in its entirety and then take ACTION and start DOING IT at least 3 times a week. Let me know your success stories, so you can be an inspiration to others.


I had a wonderful 10 days off during the holidays, making homemade gifts, some much needed rest, fun with friends and family, and a few pajama days with the hubby watching Netflix. I know a lot of you like a print out of your account. If you would like me to print out a statement of your charges for your tax returns, please let me know. It just takes me a few minutes and I can give those to you while you wait. Chiropractic fees have increased a small amount for 2019. Talk to me about it if you need more information. I am looking forward to seeing each and every one of you in the New Year.


We have some amazing NEW Nutritional products that we would like to talk to you about if you are interested. Metabol Complex will help you decrease inflammation by improving sugar metabolism and helping prevent diabetes. Boswellia Complex is great for healthy joints and controls inflammation. Turmeric Forte is a new and improved anti inflammatory that combines turmeric with fenugreek seed that improves absorption immensely and actually has been shown to pass thru the blood brain barrier. This means it can decrease inflammation in the brain with the potential to help brain disorders like (ALZHLIMERS.) Last but not least they now have Hemp Oil that we can trust is being made without compromising enzyme systems.


Remember when you refer your friends and family to us and they have a minimum of 2 weeks of Chiropractic care. They will receive a $50.00 discount! YOU will get a $50.00 discount on services as well.

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March 19th through April 1st

Dr. Dan and Sherie

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