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McCleery Chiropractic Quarterly Newsletter - Fall 2019

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mccleery appleWe hope everyone had a great summer. We are looking forward to football, an extra hour of sleep, fall foliage, cooler weather, enjoying the holidays, and having some time off to hang out with our family and friends. Happy Holidays to all of you.


Fall is upon us and with it comes the changing weather. The weather change is a stress on our body’s immune system which is why a lot of us get “common cold”, flu etc. The best way to minimize the misery of a cold or flu is to stay current with adjustments and pay special attention to diet and regular exercise. Remember the immune system requires extra vitamin A & C during this time of added stress. Get this by including more Omega 3’s eating wild fish especially salmon, tuna, cod or sardines. Vitamin C is in all fresh fruits and vegetables; the fresher the more vitamin C is present. Cooking decreases the vitamin C content so remember Fresh & Raw! Decrease your intake of highly refined foods as these foods are devoid of complex vitamin C. If you don’t eat fresh and raw, you will need to take more supplements to help counteract it. You know the foods I’m talking about: cakes, cookies, chips, sodas, etc. Let’s put these foods aside and get healthy for winter. I personally add specific nutritional supplements to my agenda to not only add more vitamin A & C to my diet but also specific glandular protomorphogens that target vitamin A & C to my immune system. Herbs are also included in immune boost protocols. Specific products that I recommend to boost your immune system are Congaplex, Immuplex, Thymex, Spleen PMG, Desiccated Spleen, Echinacea Premium, Garlic Forte, Colloidal Trace Minerals Cal-mag, Fermented cod liver oil and high vitamin butter oil.

The ones I prescribe most often to me and my patients in preventing and recovering from the common cold/influenza are Congaplex, Immuplex, Colloidal Trace Minerals, and Cal-mag. Exactly what I recommend to each patient depends on age, other chronic complicating conditions and the patient’s response in the past. The dose is dependent on whether the patient is being proactive and trying to prevent infection or if they already have an infection.

I recommend being proactive because then the body is ready should an infection occur and the patient has the products on hand and knows how and what to increase immediately so as to decrease the length of illness.

If you are a present or new patient please feel free to call and talk to Sherie and she will schedule you to discuss this with me. Remember prevention is KEY! Don’t forget to get an adjustment if you have a cold as it speeds up the healing process.


I decided to extend our testimonial offer from last quarter until December 15th. So stop by the clinic as I have a form for you to fill out or can mail to you. If you need help I would be happy to assist. By sharing your chiropractic experience, other people will seek Dr. Dan’s care for problems they didn’t know chiropractic could help. As a thank you, your name will be entered into a drawing for a gift card. Think of it as an early Christmas gift for yourself.


November 27th thru December 2nd
December 23rd thru Jan 1st

Dr. Dan and Sherie

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