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McCleery Chiropractic Quarterly Newsletter - Spring 2018

April – May – June

We’re not fooling, Easter is on April 1st! Wishing you and your family a wonderful day. We’re enjoying these warmer days and sure hope it continues and that we are done with the snow for now. You should start seeing things blooming around the clinic. We planted some bulbs in the fall and are looking forward to some color.

A Healthier You

Having a balance of good fat satisfies your body so you don’t crave carbohydrates laced with sugar and refined flour. It’s never too early or too late to get healthy habits into your life, you just have to choose them over and over again every single day. Choose healthy fats in moderate amounts. Processed low fat foods are usually full of sugars, starches, and chemical additives. These foods only make you crave sweets more. They also cause a lot more health issues. Instead, go for modest levels of beneficial fats such as olive, flax, avocado and coconut oils, to add flavor to your meals. Instead of quitting after two weeks, give a new activity 90 days. Research shows that most life changes take at least three months to become a habit.

Dr. Dan’s Corner

With the arrival of spring comes some new activities you haven’t done in 4-6 months. This means your muscles aren’t used to these new activities; so make sure you don’t do too much all at once. Start with 1-2 hours the first few days and gradually work up as you see how you feel. Too much repetitive exercise all at once is the biggest reason for a flare up requiring treatment. START OUT SLOW AND WORK UP. PREVENT A FLARE UP! If you have a weak link in your low back, consider wearing a trochanter belt or lumbar support during the new activity.


We LOVE New Patients! Why???? It gives Dr. Dan an opportunity to help someone in terrible shape feel better and enjoy life. It makes my supportive care patients remember when they were like that and why they come in for preventative care. Tell a family member or a friend to come see Dr. Dan. If they come in and have a minimum of 2 weeks of care, we will decrease their examination fee by $50.00 and we will give YOU a $50.00 discount services.


Dr. Dan will be out of the office from April 24th thru April 27th.

Sherie will be in the office April 23rd-25th from 10 to 4 for your nutritional needs. She will be back in the office on April 30th.

We will be closed on May 25th thru May 28th for Memorial Day Weekend.

Dr. Dan and Sherie

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