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McCleery Chiropractic Quarterly Newsletter - Summer 2019

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SUMMER is finally here!!!!. We are enjoying the warm weather very much and hope you are too! Dr. Dan bought some beautiful hanging baskets and entry flowers that are so pretty. Now if we can keep the deer from snacking on them you will be able to enjoy them too.


Dr. McCleery’s 5 STEPS TO HEALTH
Natural Health is about Balance

Balance Nervous System
Anti Inflammatory Diet
Supportive Core Exercise
Restful and Healing Sleep
Positive Mental Outlook

Balance in all 5 steps is going to allow your body to heal itself as it was meant to. When you aren’t feeling as good as you want too: look to these 5 steps and determine which one could use improvement and bring it back into balance. Give the body adequate time to return to optimal well being. The time needed for this depends on how long it has been out of balance. If it has been out of balance for along time consider a chiropractic tune up while you are changing the out of balance step or steps.

Please work at having all 5 steps in balance 80% of the time and you will feel better than your peers!! It will also make your supportive chiropractic adjustments less frequent.


I don’t know if you have visited our website lately but you should. We have a lot of great information on there and one thing that I noticed is that I would like to get some new testimonials added to our page. So I am asking for you to share your chiropractic experience with others. To make this as easy as possible; I will have a form for you to fill out at the clinic. I will enter it on our website and then your name will be entered into a drawing for a gift card.


A BIG THANK YOU to those of you who refer us new patients! We greatly appreciate it and love that you want to share Dr. McCleery’s techniques with others. Remember if you refer a friend; Dr. McCleery offers them a complimentary 15 minutes consultation.


July 4th thru July 9th – July 29th thru August 5th – September 2nd

Dr. Dan and Sherie

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