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McCleery Chiropractic Quarterly Newsletter - Winter 2018


21 Day Purification Program

mccleery appleAre you ready to start 2018 on a journey to a life that’s clearer, brighter and lighter? Are you aware that your body naturally produces ammonia and carbon dioxide? When overloaded, the body becomes inefficient, and toxins can build up. The 21 day purification program cleanses by removing naturally occurring toxins. The liver, lymphatic system, kidneys, lungs, intestines, blood and skin filter, expel, or metabolize these toxins. Good nutrition helps support these organs so they can decrease your toxic load. Environmental toxins and naturally produced toxins in your body can contribute to a stuffy feeling in the head, fatigue or difficulty sleeping, indigestion, food cravings, weight gain, reduced mental clarity and low libido. We are offering this 21 day program at 40% off of retail. Ask us how to get started to a healthier YOU!

Walk It Off

It seems the older we grow, the more sedate some of us become. It takes an effort to put regular, daily exercise into our routine, but the rewards are worth it. New research reveals that walking as little as 15 minutes every day can have a significant and positive long term impact on health. The key isn’t speed; it’s consistency. You need to do it everyday. The benefits include reducing risk for high blood pressure and diabetes, promotes weight loss, increases metabolism, tones muscles, increases vitamin D levels, relieves pain, strengthens bones and joints, strengthens heart, reduces stress and boosts mood, and improves your self esteem. So…. let’s get out there and walk!


Dr. Dan went on an adventure to Asia with his nephew Justin. In South Korea they ate a lot of raw fish and other Korean favorites as well. They toured Buddhist temples, museums and the sites of Yaesu. They headed to Da Nang which is a city of 1 million people, located in central Vietnam on the Pacific Ocean, touring around on scooters and climbing Marble Mountain, which was about 500-600 steps. On to Ho Chi Minh, visiting museums and the Chu Chi tunnels and learning about the Vietnam War. Dr. Dan has a lot more stories to tell about his vacation so be sure to ask him.

Sherie went to San Filipe Mexico. San Filipe is a small town on the Baja. Their friend’s house was beautiful and a short drive to town. Lots of fun places to hang out and people watch. Jumbo shrimp the size of baby lobsters! The side by sides were the highlight of the trip. They took them everywhere from the pool to downtown and a little cross country driving too.


Don’t forget to tell your family and friends of your successes of chiropractic care with Dr. Dan. We are always looking for patients that are interested in regaining their health through chiropractic, nutrition, exercise and a positive outlook. We would love you to go to our website and check it out, it’s been upgraded and you can even give us a like there.

~ Dr. Dan & Sherie

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