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McCleery Chiropractic Quarterly Newsletter - Winter 2020

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Winter brings more darkness, snow, and ice. This makes a lot of us lazy. This results in our conditioning going downhill and the likely hood of injury much greater.

Please continue to do your walking and stretching on a daily basis, even if it’s inside.

Remember that fresh air exercise is best and helps you avoid colds and flus. Dress for it and enjoy it!

Snow shoveling creates injuries due to not getting ready for it and or doing it wrong. Try to push it out of the way rather than lifting, twisting and throwing it. Shovel it frequently when there are 1-3 inches instead of 3-6 inches. Do it soon after it falls when it is usually light and fluffy. Get it done before you walk or drive on it. If you know you have a tendency to low back failure wear your trochanter or low back belt to prevent an injury. Stretch before you shovel.
If you do hurt yourself remember to lie down and ice it immediately. You know the rules of icing the low back, 10 minutes on 10-20 minutes off and repeat 3 times. Walk between icings.

Better yet, stay in shape by staying active all winter. Always do your stretches before doing a new activity. Eat right, Sleep right and have a good attitude! This will make your life more enjoyable and less painful.

Don’t forget your maintenance adjustments every 2-4 weeks; it’s important to have a quality life.

I coined the word “youngevity” years ago. It means to live life young long and then be gone! No hanging around being a burden to others or in pain.


It will be tax time soon so…if you would like me to print out a statement of your charges for 2019, please let me know. It just takes me a few minutes and I can give those to you while you wait. Some chiropractic fees have decreased and some have increased a small amount for 2020. Talk to me about it if you need more information.


We would like to thank Lee D. and Pattie V. for their stories on how chiropractic has improved their lives. We hope you enjoyed the token of our appreciation. If you would like to read what they wrote, check out our testimonials here.


Thank you for being great patients, we have drawn the winners for the giveaway, below is a list of the winners! Hope you enjoy your gifts.

Pendra S. – Jane S. – Vikki Y. – Chelsea T. – Judy T. – Scott M. – John T. – Ellen H. – Linda D. – Judy H. – Susie C. – Chris Q. – Bill H. – Vic J. – Ron B.

Dr. Dan and Sherie

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